Food Law Code of Practice

From time to time, the Food Standards Agency revises its Food Law Code of Practice.  There are different versions for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and in Scotland the equivalent document is produced by Food Standards Scotland. The current versions can be downloaded here.  Please note that the Guidance note for England is being revised. […]

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Food Allergens – Top Tips

Now that the The Food Information Regulations 2014 are in force (see Regulation (EC) No. 1169/2011 for the detailed requirements) our top tips are intended to help you to achieve  compliance : Read the Food Standards Authority leaflet. Work through the FSA list of food allergens. Check that you are aware of the implications that allergens raise. Check that you have a system […]

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Food Enforcement Code of Practice

The Food Standards Agency have released the latest version of the Food Law Code of Practice  (England) for consultation.  A copy can be downloaded here. The consltation is divided into two main parts, relating to how frequently premises are inspected and the division of enforcement responsibility. As far as risk assessment is concerned, the proposal […]

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Food Standards Agency has advised against consuming products containing DMAA

1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) has recently been linked with high blood pressure, nausea, cerebral haemorrhage, stroke and death, which has resulted in the Food Standards Agency issung an alert that foods containing this substance should not be consumed.  Generally, the use of the product is limited to supplements such as those intended for sports activities or weight reduction. Products […]

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