Principles of Fire Safety


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      The main elements of fire safety are set out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A significant number of duties are given to the ‘responsible person’, who can be defined as someone who has control, or a degree of control, over premises or fire-prevention systems within premises.
      In particular, the responsible person must ensure that a risk assessment is carried out and that efforts are made to reduce the risk from fire. There are other duties, including putting in place emergency plans, giving special attention to hazardous materials and appointing a competent person to advise on fire safety matters.
      The general principles outlined in the Order are —
  1. avoiding risks;
  2. evaluating the risks which cannot be avoided;
  3. combating the risks at source;
  4. adapting to technical progress;
  5. replacing the dangerous by the non-dangerous or less dangerous;
  6. developing a coherent overall prevention policy which covers technology, organisation of work and the influence of factors relating to the working environment;
  7. giving collective protective measures priority over individual protective measures; and
  8. giving appropriate instructions to employees.

As solicitors who has specialist experience in fire safety, we are able to assist with providing advice on legal compliance or representing businesses if things go wrong. We are able to appeal notices where appropriate and provide mitigation or defence advocacy if things should progress to court.

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