health and safety food safety fire safety solicitorsThere are few law firms that can say that they frequently represent clients on food hygiene and safety matters, but because we regularly deal with this type of work, we have a more up-to-date knowledge than many other solicitors and we have a significant advantage in knowing how to present matters to the court.

Our lawyers regularly represent both businesses and individuals who are prosecuted for food offences by food safety / environmental health officers.  Whether you intend to plead guilty or wish to defend the prosecution, we can assist you.

Whilst you do not need to have a solicitor to represent you if you intend to plead guilty, there can be a number of advantages, particularly if there is an effective mitigation that can be put to the court.  Often, we are able to negotiate to achieve a reduction in the number of charges.  Examples have included 11 charges reduced to 4 and 18 charges reduced to 6.

If you wish to contest the charges, then we are able to represent you or arrange for a barrister with a particular specialism in this area of work.  We have contacts with a number of expert witnesses who can help in providing an independent view to the court.  Our experience extends from the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court and through to the High Court.  We have a particular specialism in the principles of enforcement and bringing claims of ‘abuse of process’ although action under this heading is becoming much more difficult to win.

The cost of our service is dependent on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case.  For some work we are able to operated on a fixed-fee basis.  Please contact us if you would like an  estimate.

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