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  • At the end of 2010, Lord Young of Graffham released his report into the operation of health and safety laws and proposed a number of significant changes. These included the areas of ;

    • Compensation culture
    • Low hazard workplaces
    • Raising standards
    • Insurance
    • Education
    • Local authorities
    • Health and safety legislation
    • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995
    • Working with larger companies
    • Combining food safety and health and safety inspections
    • Police and fire services
    • Adventure training

    This report is now supplemented by the Department for Work and Pensions Document “Good Health and Safety, Good for Everyone“, which sets out a number of proposed changes to health and safety enforcement, including a 1/3 reduction in the numbers of pre-planned inspections and the possible implementation of an inspection charge for businesses that do not comply with legal requirements.

    In relation to the legislative review, Terms or Reference have now been finalised by Professor Löfstedt, who is heading the advisory panel, and have been agreed by the Minister for Employment.

    The panel is currently calling for evidence and examples that will help inform the scope for reducing the burden of health and safety regulation on UK businesses whilst maintaining health and safety outcomes.

    Lord Young recommended the establishment of a register of recognised health and safety consultants, to try and raise the standards within the profession. The OSHCR has now been established by the Health and Safety Executive and we are pleased to advise that one of our solicitors was amongst the first to be accepted onto the register.


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