HSE National Local Authority Enforcement Code

Local authority safety enforcement guidanceSection 18(4) (b) of Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 permits the Health and Safety Executive to provide guidance to local authorities on their health and safety enforcement responsibilities.  This code, which came into effect on 29 May 2013, identifies certain ten types of Hazards, Activities and Sectors for prioritisation of safety inspections :

Hazards  High Risk Sectors  High Risk Activities 
Legionella infection Premises with cooling towers/evaporative condensers Lack of suitable legionella control measures
Explosion caused by leaking LPG Premises (including caravan parks) with buried metal LPG pipework Buried metal LPG pipe work(For caravan parks to communal/amenity blocks only)
e.coli/cryptosporidium infection esp. in children Open Farms/Animal Visitor Attractions Lack of suitable micro‐organism control measures
Fatalities/injuries resulting from being struck by vehicles Tyre fitters*/ MVR* (as part of Car Sales)High volume Warehousing/Distribution Use of two‐post vehicle liftsWorkplace transport
Fatalities/injuries resulting from falls from height/ amputation and crushing injuries Industrial retail/wholesale premises e.g. steel stockholders, builders/timber merchants Workplace transport/work at height/cutting machinery /lifting equipment
Industrial diseases (occupational asthma/deafness) MVR*(as part of Car Sales)Industrial retail/wholesale premises e.g. steel stockholders, builders/timber merchants Use of Isocyanate paintsNoise and dust
Falls from height High volume Warehousing/Distribution Work at height
Crowd control & injuries/fatalities to the public Large scale public events/sports/leisure facilities e.g. motorised leisure pursuits including off road vehicles and track days Inadequate consideration of public safety e.g. poor organisation and/or supervision of high speed or off‐road vehicle movements
Carbon monoxide poisoning Commercial catering premises using solid fuel cooking equipment Lack of suitable ventilation and/or unsafe appliances
Violence at work Premises with vulnerable working conditions (lone/night working/cash handling e.g. betting shops/off‐licences/care settings) and where intelligence indicates that risks are not being effectively managed Lack of suitable security measures/procedures

A full copy of the code can be downloaded by clicking on the image above or on the
link here.

If you should find yourself the subject of an inspection with the threat of legal action, contact one of our health and safety solicitors to obtain advice or representation.

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