Fire Safety Guidance

To assist businesses in complying with the law, various guides have been produced by the government.

With this guidance available, it is a sensible step for any business to review the document that applies and apply the principles in order to try and achieve compliance with the legal requirements.  Following the guidance is not mandatory, but if there is any departure we recommend that there needs to be a clear and documented reason given as to why the guidance is not appropriate.

fire-safety-solicitors-guidance-animalsfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-educational-premisesfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-escape-disabledfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-small-medium-assemblyfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-theatre-cinemafire-safety-solicitors-guidance-factories-warehouses fire-safety-solicitors-guidance-healthcare fire-safety-solicitors-guidance-large-assemblyfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-offices-shops fire-safety-solicitors-guidance-open-airfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-transportfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-residential-carefire-safety-solicitors-guidance-sleeping-accommodation

fire-safety-solicitors-guidance-payingguestsfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-making-your-premises-safefire-safety-solicitors-guidance-5-step-checklistfire-safety-solicitors-guidance-enforcementHover your mouse over the picture to find the guide that you are looking for.

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