Food Safety

We are pleased to represent a variety of businesses involved in the sale or manufacture of food. Whether you operate a small corner shop, a public house or a large factory, our expertise in food law can assist you in most areas relating to food safety and food hygiene.

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We are able to advise or represent in relation to;

  • Food Hygiene Standards
  • Foods of substandard quality
  • Foods with foreign bodies
  • Packaging and labelling

Failure to comply with the law can prove devastating to any company if enforcement action is taken, not only because of the potential fine but also the adverse publicity that can follow.  We help you through the process and provide you with advice on how to limit the potential damage.

A variety of powers are available to inspectors including prosecution,  issuing enforcement notices and they can ultimately close down food establishments where the situation is seen as particularly bad. Should you find yourself facing any form of enforcement action, we recommend that you seek legal advice from a expert food solicitor as soon as possible.  If the matter should go to court, we can represent you in defending the case or provide mitigation.  Fines for non-compliance seem to be increasing and it is important that you structure your defence or mitigation appropriately.

Throughout the country, Councils have implemented hygiene rating schemes such as the National Food Hygiene Rating System from the Food Standards Agency, ‘Scores on the Doors’ or ‘Star Rating’.  These award points for good practices and are intended to give the public a view of how good the hygiene is within a retail premises.  Schemes such as these can have either a positive affect on businesses by promoting those that do well, but can also severely affect custom if a poor rating is awarded.

Faced with this array of powers, any business will want to use a food solicitor with an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to defend any actions that might be brought. This is where we can help. We have the benefit of both practical and legal experience, with the unusual advantage of a lawyer who was formerly an Environmental Health Officer. This gives us the edge when dealing with enforcement issues.

We are founding members of the Food Lawyers Association ( and our Principal is a member of the CIEH, the RSPH and TiFSiP.

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