Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are a fundamental part of health and safety and many enforcement risk assessmentinvestigations will focus on this particular aspect. It is therefore vitally important to ensure that assessments are suitable and sufficient. This not only means that they are in sufficient depth, but also that they are maintained to a good standard. Whilst the HSE has confirmed that they do not expect risk assessments to be 100% accurate, significant importance is attached to the process. A booklet on risk assessment can be downloaded to assist with the process.

The requirements for risk assessment vary according to the topic that is being considered, but specific assessments must be conducted as appropriate for matter such as manual handling, computer screens, noise at work, fire and exposure to chemicals.

We can offer assistance during any Health and Safety investigation and can provide legal advice on risk assessments and whether the may be regarded as meeting the statutory test. Our solicitors also represent clients on enforcement notices and prosecutions if an Inspector decides that enforcement is necessary.

Whilst we do not undertake risk assessments for clients, we have links to a number of expert consultants who have the expertise to do so :

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