General Fire Safety Requirements

fire safety solicitors | lawyers specialists in fire safetyThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order requires businesses to comply with a significant number of duties when looking at fire safety issues ;

  • Duty to take general fire precautions
    This general duty is similar to that found in other Health and Safety legislation and care must be taken to try and ensure the safety of employees as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Risk assessment
    One of the important cornerstones of fire safety is risk assessment. This process involves identifying the hazards that are posed by fire and implementing control measures to try and reduce the risk of a fire starting or spreading
  • Principles of prevention to be applied
    The legislation sets out the general ways in which fire prevention should be undertaken, such as by avoiding risks, dealing with risks at source and adapting technical processes.
  • Fire safety arrangements
    Whilst Fire Certificates are no longer valid, some of the information that they used to contain is nevertheless valuable in recording the arrangements for fire safety that are in place. The law requires that arrangements must be made for effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventive and protective measures that are in place
  • Elimination or reduction of risks from dangerous substances
    If certain dangerous substances are present, then it is important to either eliminate the risk or to reduce it as far as it reasonably possible.
  • Fire-fighting and fire detection
  • Emergency routes and exits 
  • Procedures for serious and imminent danger and for danger areas 
  • Emergency measures in respect of dangerous substances
  • Maintenance
  • Safety assistance
  • Provision of information to employees 
  • Provision of information to employers and the self-employed from outside undertakings 
  • Training
  • Co-operation and co-ordination

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