Our Fees

We recognise that lawyers’ fees can sometimes be seen as unpredictable and expensive, so we offer a number of options to suit your needs.

safety solicitor - prosecution and defenceMuch of our work is undertaken on a ‘fixed fee’ basis whereby you pay a specific amount in advance for work that we agree with you. We can often give you a fixed fee arrangement to evaluate your case once we have a set of papers from you.  This type of arrangement means that you can be certain of the costs involved for the work described from the outset.  Please note that fixed fees are non-refundable.

Where it is not possible to determine a precise cost, for example you want us to attend a meeting of an undefined length, the case is complex or we have not seen a full set of papers from you, we will operate on a hourly rate. This can be ‘capped’ so that you have a maximum level set for our fees.  When we reach the capped level, we will stop work so that you do not incur any additional cost unless you have agreed it.

The basis of our fees are the recommended rates in National Tier 1 that are set by HMCTS (ie the courts), which can be viewed here.

Providing that it is agreed in advance, we can normally agree that our fees are paid over a period of time, to help you spread the cost.  We do not charge interest on this type of arrangement.

All of our fees are subject to VAT and any disbursements that are paid by us. Broadly speaking, ‘disbursements’ are expenses such as application fees or travelling costs.

If at any point you are not clear on our costs, please ask us.

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Please note that we do not deal with personal injury claims.